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Why Does SSR Vina Decide To Provide Acacia Wood Cutting Board?

Acacia wood cutting board are becoming increasingly popular and widely used, with outstanding specifications. What are they? Please read to the end of this article to get to know more about this product line in depth.

1. SSR Acacia Wood Cutting Board Design and Application

* Prominent features of wooden cutting board

  • Using a wooden cutting board would keep the knife from tarnishing and becoming slippery when we cut and chop meat.
  • It’s highly recommended to be used as a “plate” to do a food demonstration.
  • Acacia wood cutting board also functions as a cut and chop meat. item in the kitchen space.

* Design of Acacia wood cutting board

Despite the high applicability, it is still necessary to ensure that the core functions are met. At SSR Vina, we put a priority on simple designs and good use of wood cutting board, rather than eye-catching designs. Customers would feel more at ease to use the boards, and don’t care too much about damaging the surface.


The acacia chopping board has a variety of thicknesses and widths which are suitable for almost all common knives. Aside from the standard sizes, we can customize to match the specific requirement and market.

The design of the Acacia wooden cutting board has a handle or a paddle for a better grip, in addition, it is also said to help the cutting board stay stable during use, reducing slipping when placing the cutting board on the kitchen work surface.

Create a groove along the edge of wooden cutting board to catch the water from the vegetables.

2. Is Acacica wood cutting board an optimized choice?

As we all know, Acacia wood boards have excellent stability after being processed, making them ideal for manufacturing wood chopping boards.

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Owning specifications of hardwood, acacia wood cutting board has good pressure resistance capacity, and FSC® (FSC- C134124) certification for being eco-friendly.

*Acacia cutting board has the below advantages:

Cutting boards made of wood are safe to use. Furthermore, Acacia wood cutting boards are less absorbent of substances like soap and chemicals while washing compared to softwood.

Using wooden cutting board is as popular as it is today because researches have shown that they are quite safe and durable, but at the same time need appropriate

3. How to maintain Acacia chopping boards

It is important to clean up after use. We frequently see people discussing whether or not we should put the cutting boards in the dishwasher and microwave. The manufacturer advises against it because the wood will crack or warp if immersed in hot water for a long time.

  • How to take care of acacia chopping board after use?
    Before washing, soak them in a mixture of vinegar and water or rinse them with hot soapy water. That’s a great solution to clean the cutting board completely after processing raw meat. It also preserves the hardwood cutting board’s durability.
  • Preservation after a long time of use
    The wooden chopping board should be sanded and coated with a mineral oil finish after a long time of use. (There are many types of safe oil)

It’s worth noting that:

  • If the chopping board gets cracked and scored for long time of use, tiny scratches and crevices may appear that are difficult to clean and easy to hold bacteria. The best option at this time is to replace it.
  • Chopping boards for cutting meat and vegetables, fruits or raw and cooked food should be separated.

The wood chopping board is a great buddy in the kitchen space for great meals. With safety criteria for users and an affordable price, Acacia wood cutting board is a great choice you should consider.

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