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The pros and cons of radiata pine wood in production

To use wood optimized SSR VINA brings some information on the pros and cons of radiata pine wood for production.

1. The pros and cons of radiata pine wood for production

+ Advantages:

– Can be easily sawn, peeled and turned into pulp.

– Capable of holding nails and screws well.

– Because it is a soft wood, it can absorb color better when dyed than hardwood.

– Pine wood is light in weight and easy to move.

– Pine is a gymnosperm (softwood), so in a high humidity environment, it will be less likely to shrink or swell.

– Being environmentally sustainable, growing Pine has a good carbon absorption capacity and can still grow quickly, the production of pine wood into furniture has a relatively low carbon footprint.

+ Disadvantages:

– Durable furniture will not be as strong as perennial hardwoods like oak.

– Depending on the weather and climate of each geographical area, it will produce a type of wood with more or less different defects such as many wood knots, black lines.

2. Supplier of wood and products from Pinewood

Besides the main material lines such as acacia wood and rubberwood, pine wood is also popular in furniture and construction.

To meet the needs of global customers, we are committed to bringing the right quality products at competitive prices.

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