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The application and classification of radiata pine wood board

1. What is the radiata pine wood board? How many types of pine are there?

– Radiata pine: This type of pine is commonly used in the wood industry to exploit for furniture and construction. Radiata pine is suitable for many growing conditions, is easy to grow and produces more timber than many native pine species. Originating from North America, now widely grown in the world, in Australia with favorable conditions to grow, pine trees can be 50-70cm tall.

The sapwood of Radiata pine is white to pale yellow and undifferentiated from the brown to yellow heartwood. Has straight grain, medium texture, often uneven and knotty.

– White pine (White pine) scientific name Pinus wallichiana / pinus strobus white pine usually has beautiful soft and natural wood eyes. The heartwood is light red, the sapwood is white and slightly yellowish brown. The wood grain is apparent and not much.

– Yellow pine: Although not as appreciated as white pine, it has a unique and beautiful wood grain, with a more pleasant and attractive aroma.

2. Application of pine wood in interior and construction

 Radiata Pine Wood Board:

There are two types of joining board techniques from the wooden bars that have undergone the process of cutting and drying, they are assembled into a finished board.

Specifications of pine panel:

  • Wood species: radiata pine
  • Types of panel: Pine solid board, finger joint board
  • Moisture: 8-12%
  • Glue: D4
  • Surface finish: 240-320 grit sanding, both sides of the board
  • Quality: AB, BC, CC or can be customized
Radiata Pine Wood Board (1)

Radiata Pine Wood Board

– Pine wood is used to make handicraft products

+ Pine milk teeth box

The lovely pine box helps to keep the baby’s milestones on the development journey.

Size: 12.5*12*3cm

+ Pine tray 

Beautiful pine wooden trays are used for serving, eating, and decorating. Or you can use it as a unique gift wrapping tray.

Various custom pine wood tray sizes, some standard sizes: 30x22cm, 17x22cm.

– Pine wood pallets

Solutions for efficient and eco-friendly packaging and shipping of products.

– Pine solid wood door

Wooden doors are made from solid pine boards or finger jointed pine boards to make doors, gardens, and warehouses.

– Pine wood cabinet drawers

Optimize kitchen cabinet design to save money and make DIY projects easier.

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