crown molding
crown molding

Crown Molding

You can find quality crown moldings at SSR VINA with competitive prices. We offer a diverse range of crown molding products in various styles. These crown moldings bring a complete and attractive beauty to living spaces.

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Weights & Dimensions

Crown molding is a form of cornice for decorating. It is typically installed at the intersection between interior walls and ceiling. But may also be used above doors, windows, or cabinets. It adds a finishing touch and enhances the aesthetic appeal of a room.

SSR VINA provide crown moulding from pine wood with a surface-primed coat of paint. Additionally, we can provide other wood types, including MDF, plywood, rubberwood, etc. We aim to create a diverse range of forms and styles of products to meet the customer’s need when offering stable supply capacity with quality products and eco-friendly for every home space.

The process of manufacturing primed pine board with crown includes steps. Before Pinewood sawing into short staves and sanding, the moisture content of the wood was controlled by the drying process. Then, wood staves jointed to form a wood finger joint slat according to the requested dimension. After the finger-jointed wooden slats are molded using a pre-set machine, crown molding has a machine- applied primer coat of paint. Finally, it results in a finished primed crown molding.

Weights & Dimensions

Thickness (millmeter)
Width (millmeter)
Length (millmeter)
  • Core: Finger Joint Pine S4S Board
  • Surface: Primed or natural
  • Quality: AB, BC, or customized
  • Moisture: < 12%
  • Length & Width tolerance: 0/+3 mm
  • Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm Protection Status