Based on the evaluations of homeowners who have used the herringbone countertop for tabletop, kitchen countertop, island countertop; the herringbone butcher block countertop almost brings a special feeling and is a top choice in interior spaces. In addition, it can also be used for the surfaces of dining storage furniture such as Buffet Cabinet Sideboard, Hutch, Bar Countertop. 

acacia herringbone butcher block countertop


1. Why has the butcher block countertop been Popular these days?

  • Characteristics 

Butcher block Countertop is a finished board by wood stave assembly technique, providing a solid and sturdy application for the interior. With specialized make-in, butcher block will be interested in the surface structure such as end, edge, or face grain construction.

acacia herringbone butcher block

And there is another point: we can see the lines between the wooden bars.

  • The function

The first Butcher blocks appeared in the late 1800s, early 19th century. It was a Specialized Countertop applied for the commercial meat cutting industry with end-grain construction.

Gradually, butcher block countertops have developed to add edge-grain design to become more dynamic and flexible. Today, butcher block countertops are also widely used for kitchen counters, islands, etc.

  • Feel the beauty and applicability of the herringbone butcher block countertop

acacia herringbone butcher block countertop

The herringbone countertop creates attractive and appealing wooden staves. It is flexibly applied to design all spaces: kitchen, dining room, laundry room, bedroom, entry, etc… to bring a cozy and natural sensation.

When you spend time at home, you will realize that the herringbone butcher block countertop makes the space more intimate and friendly. It is like a DIY product that brings along rustic, aesthetic, and stylish senses. At the same time, the trend of DIY kitchen countertops is also very much preferred nowadays.

2. Material for herringbone butcher block countertop.

At present, SSR VINA provides mainly the Acacia countertop production, based on the advantage of raw materials, also the high applicability of this type of wood. Besides, we also aim to expand a wide range of products in the future, to diversify more choices for customers.

acacia herringbone butcher block countertop
  • Acacia Herringbone Countertop

acacia herringbone butcher block countertop

It is designed with a herringbone pattern (It is also known as chevron) and assembled together by a plank construction instead of the finger joint. The Chevron pattern butcher block countertop takes advantage of many wood surface textures and grains. So when compared with Finger Joint assembly, the chevron butcher block countertop is highly appreciated for its aesthetics.

Explore more: Acacia Wood Butcher Block 

However, the finger joint assembly has a better endure capacity. But it depends on the purpose of the users. If you use it as a utility surface or a place to prepare food, make food, etc. The chevron wood countertop still meets function expectations and brings aesthetics to the house.

3. Instructions on how to preserve herringbone butcher block for long-term resistance

We often add a PU or oil layer to the butcher block countertop to increase its attractiveness and appeal; It also helps a product be more durable.


After a long time of use, activities make the surface of the butcher block damaged. We can entirely maintain it by sanding and applying a new layer of mineral oil or PU.

Something to keep in mind: whatever type of countertop you use, it’s recommended to keep it clean; avoid standing water for a long time; the surface should be cleaned properly.

4. Products acacia herringbone butcher block countertop of SSR VINA

We are an international wood products supplier. With the butcher block countertop, we offer a variety of designs such as finger joint, herringbone (chevron) for you to choose from.

The manufacturing process follows committed quality, with a QC team checking to ensure that the product meets the required standards.

Details of the product: Acacia herringbone butcher block countertop 

Information about our factory: Learn more 

With highly-applicable acacia wood, we hope that the Acacia herringbone butcher block countertop is an inspiration for creating aesthetic and durability design space. It brings a sense of enjoyment and comfort to your home.

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