Outdoor furniture leads the way for the trends of the new era. Tea parties, outdoor BBQ parties, outdoor cafes, and wedding parties are almost displayed in the hot keyword group more than ever. An open space to blend in with nature brings a source of fresh energy, and that harmony includes harsh weather conditions such as sun, rain, and oxidation, so the interior for outdoor use must also meet certain censorship criteria.

Exploring outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture encompasses all items arranged for outdoor use, catering to the homeowner’s needs, including sets of tables and chairs, wall lights, and flooring tiles, etc.

Outdoor furniture or outdoor wooden furniture is customized in design and size according to requirements, ensuring suitability for all weather conditions, and extending the maintenance period – in other words, they can be used for long periods without frequent maintenance.

Discover SSR VINA outdoor wooden furniture

Finger joint wood furniture

Acacia wood finger joint board dining set

Acacia wood has been frequently mentioned in SSR VINA recent articles, and finger joints have also been called names in the article “Explore the application of finger jointed wood in furniture design.” Thus, the combination of acacia wood finger joint boards for producing outdoor dining sets can’t be choice the perfect than more because the price, durability, and color are directly proportional to the wishes of almost all customers.

Acacia wood finger joint board is a product assembled from plantation-grown wood that has been dried and treated for termite resistance. On a modern and advanced technology production line, quality short wooden slats are joined together vertically and then joined in parallel to form a complete wooden panel, meeting the requirements of hardness, durability, and international quality standards.

Technical specifications
Wood-type Solid acacia wood
Moisture content 8 – 12 %
Wood Stave (length) 150 – 400 mm
Payment terms 20 – 80 mm
Length and width tolerance 0/+3 mm
Thickness tolerance +/- 0,2 mm
Glue type D4
Surface finish Sanding 240-320 grit,

both sides of the wood board

Quality AA, AB, AC, BC, CC or customized
Weight and dimensions
Length (mm) 2440/ 3600
Width (mm) 1220/ 300/ 550
Thickness (mm) 12/ 15/ 18/ 24/ 30/ 33 / 38
Length (inch) 96/ 141.7
Width (inch) 48/ 11.8/ 21.6
Thickness (inch) 0.47/ 0.59/ 0.70/ 0.94/ 1.18/ 1.29/ 1.49

The suggestions along with specific data have further promoted the choice of acacia wood finger joint board dining sets to use for outdoor furniture, furniture that meets the criteria for outdoor design when used in the room, and maintains a much longer lifespan than ordinary furniture.

Decking tiles

Natural wood decking tiles – Versatile products from SSR VINA is an article that needs to be roll call at this time. To add aesthetics and ventilation to the outdoor space, this decorative item is extremely useful. How about thinking about placing a set of Acacia wood finger joint board tables and chairs on the panels decking tiles? It’s an interesting idea.

Good materials often come with high costs, while low-cost materials are usually labeled “you get what you pay for”. Don’t worry, SSR VINA outdoor wooden furniture is on a journey to use environmentally friendly and perpetual time-lasting woods, aimed at all types of customers.

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