With its convenient feature, it can be placed anywhere, whether the area is large or narrow, ensuring so that every corner of the space has the right friction, clear and Extremely well-groomed. The most advantageous is still natural wood decking tiles grating instead of composite plastic wood decking tiles. As both a partner in the family and a distribution partner of wood and wood products, the natural wood decking tiles is also the material that SSR VINA is investing its efforts into to deliver to customers in a selective manner.

Exploring various types of natural wood decking tiles

Acacia wood is a priority when it comes to natural wood decking tiles, with many advantages as highlighted in an article on “Acacia wood and its applications in daily life”. Various types of acacia wood decking tiles, including 12 slat and 9 slat decking tiles, will be introduced in this article, corresponding to four main colors: natural, brown, teak and golden teak.

  • Natural 12-Slat Acacia Wood Decking Tiles
  • Brown 12-Slat Acacia Wood Decking Tiles
  • Teak 12-Slat Acacia Wood Decking Tiles
  • Golden Teak 12-Slat Acacia Wood Decking Tiles
  • 9 – slat Acacia Wood Decking Tiles

Technical specifications

Wood-type Acacia wood
Composition Natural acacia wood and plastic base interlocking with each other
Moisture content 8 – 12 %
Specification 300 mm x 300 mm x 19/ 21 mm

Length: 300 mm

Width: 300 mm

Thickness: 19/ 21 mm

Length and width tolerance: 0/+3mm

Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm

Installation area 11 pieces/1 m²


Preservation step becomes extremely easy for natural wood decking tiles grates, and more than that, effective resistance to mold, pests, and insects. They can be easily disassembled, rearranged, and installed in new locations, making them convenient for construction and replacement. Low installation and maintenance costs, coupled with high durability, have proven to withstand harsh conditions such as heat, dryness, moisture, and cold without warping, cracking, or shrinking. Interchangeable templates create stunning layouts. Save 30 – 40% compared to plastic materials and composite plastic wood, bringing high performance to global commercial projects.

Suggest some functions of decking tiles

When we own a convenient and aesthetically pleasing product for our living space, what we think about is that it can be applied as much as possible. Some suggestions that cannot be ignored are using natural wood decking tiles blisters to:

  • Balcony lining
  • Corridor lining
  • Pool Floor Liner
  • Terrace lining
  • Bathroom lining
  • Lining the front of the door
  • Lining the garden space
  • Lining sauna and spa rooms

Creativity always brings the unthinkable, using natural wood decking tiles grates to line the sleeping place or decorating the walls of the house is also extremely unique. Let drop your soul into the living place so that true life can arise.

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