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Advantages of Acacia Wood Noodle Board

1. Why is it called noodle board

Traditionally, a noodle board is used to expand more space, and be favorable to making noodles. Nowadays noodle board is used to describe gas and electric stove covers. Noodle boards have been around since the 1800s, it is also used for food preparation and easily move in small kitchen spaces.

2. Product Features

Product name: Acacia wood noodle board

  • Include two handles
  • Be expanded for kitchen space
  • Protect the stovetop
  • Surface safe for food
  • Not suitable for a direct cutting on the surface
  • Not suitable for a direct hot pan
noodle board ssr vina (2)

Noodle board oil coating

Size: Match the kitchen size.

  • 29.5×21.3 inches
  • 20.5×12 inches
  • 29.9×25.6 inches
  • 22×29.5 inches
  • Product size can be customized

3.    Application

  • When the hob is not in use, it is useful to expand your cooktop space.
  • Ensure to limit unpredictable collisions with the stovetop.
  • Optimize the space on the kitchen top with many different uses such as placing things, preparing food, etc. Or can create inspirational and aesthetic decorating ideas for your kitchen space.
application of noodle board for kitchen

Acacia wood noodle board for kitchen

4. Notes about the product

  • The trivet should be used when placing hot items on the noodle board surface 
  • Limit cutting or tightening directly on the top (to prevent scratches and protect the beauty of the surface)
  • The cover should be kept clean and dry.
  • Note put the stovetop cover when the stove is cold
  • The surface should be coated with oil paint to ensure safety. And use oil that should be food safe.

5. Gas stove cover design

The noodle board is just the right size and can be covered on the stovetop. You can use it flexibly with a weight of 6.5 kg and a metal handle design. The surface and edge panel are sanded to ensure safe contact with hands. The square design is designed to be simple and solid. The product is impressed by the natural and rustic beauty of finger-jointed acacia wood and is covered with a layer of safe oil paint.

acacia wood stovetop cover

Acacia wood stove cover design

The noodle boards are friendly-environment, helping to make your kitchen more comfortable and new. You have more ideas to make your unique kitchen space.

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