1. Acacia general information

Genus Acacia has around 160 species and is a natural kind in Australia. However, today we can see them from all over the world such as America, Africa, and Vietnam. In Vietnam, Acacia is mainly grown in the Northern and Central Vietnam. Acacia heartwood range in color from light yellow to dark red, sapwood is easy to recognize with yellowish-white. A mature Acacia can reach heights of up to 20-25 meters and stem diameter of 50-60 centimeters. Acacia is a high-density wood. The average density of white acacia at 12% moisture content is 770 kilograms per cubic meter, weight nearly equal to teak.


2. Specification of Acacia Wood Finger Joint Board

Acacia has long been used in the wood industry from industrial plantations. Acacia finger joint wood has many outstanding advantages such as fine wood, durable, waterproof, unique wood grain, and eye-catching colors. Besides, Acacia wood is difficult to warp and has anti-mold and anti-bacterial properties. So it is safe for kitchen appliances and suitable for both outdoor furniture. This is a very ideal and wonderful material for the furniture industry.



3. Acacia Finger Joint Board Application

With unique but harmonious natural colors, melaleuca/acacia wood is suitable for making tables and chairs in the living room, kitchen, restaurant, coffee shop, shopping center, and office desks.

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