Tropical hardwood is highly appreciated for its beauty and durability, often used in furniture or building luxury boats, in recent years it has become popular in the kitchen with the name of teak wood cutting board, thanks to its special uses.


Teak scientifically named Tectona grandis, is a large hardwood tree in the Tectona genus, growing up to 30-40 meters tall and shedding its leaves in the dry season. It is native to India and Southeast Asia.


Teak wood is dark yellow or grayish-brown in color.  Medium heavy wood, density 0.7. The wood is thick but smooth, resistant to warping, cracking, termite, and mold damage, and is tolerant to both saltwater and freshwater.

Teak wood cutting boards are recognized for their durability, moisture resistance due to high levels of silica and natural oils, and attractive appearance. Teak wood cutting boards are ideal for withstanding the rigors of daily use in the kitchen without showing signs of wear and tear easily. The surface is knife-friendly, ensuring sharp and efficient knives over a long period, allowing for precise and easy cutting, slicing, and chopping.

Construct of Teak wood cutting board

Teak wooden cutting board grafted with tree heads: Eye-catching checkerboard pattern provides superior performance in cutting and food processing tasks.

Graft horizontal teak wooden cutting board: The shiny wood grain is extremely attractive, although the design and color are simple, but it is bold and luxurious in a classic style.

Unlocking the Uses of Teak Wood Cutting Board



Like ordinary cutting boards and even more, teak wood cutting boards offer excellent utility.

To preliminarily prepare food

Depending on the intended use, teak wood cutting boards are designed accordingly. For gentle cutting and slicing of fruits, vegetables, tubers, a thickness of 1.5 – 2.5 cm is suggested. For heavier tasks like chopping and mincing, a thickness of 3.8 cm provides better resistance to force and prevents cracking for your beloved kitchen tool.

Table Decoration

From everyday meals to family gatherings or from casual dining to upscale restaurants, teak wood cutting boards fit seamlessly with proven durability and a variety of styles and sizes diverse designs, and sizes. What sets them apart is their ability to meet the demand for larger sizes preferred by restaurants: 28 x 40 x 3.8 cm; 38 x 51 x 3.8 cm, etc. Never before has it been so easy to hold a large amount of food.

Living Space Decoration

A kitchen-loving family can easily be identified by how they decorate their living space. Hung on walls, placed on kitchen shelves, or anywhere we find aesthetically pleasing and fitting with our style. There are no standards for decoration; it all depends on how the owner desires to present the item.

Gift of gratitude

A durable, beautiful teak wood cutting board is evidence of a close, enduring relationship. Whether gifted to family members, friends, or partners, it helps strengthen the bond between both parties. Among countless gifts, a teak wood cutting board suddenly becomes meaningful and profound in its unexpected way.

Teak wood in general and teak wood cutting boards can “reverse aging”, becoming brighter and more beautiful with prolonged use. It also depends on how we arrange items on the board to make it visually appealing, as well as proper maintenance such as using suitable cutting boards according to needs, hanging the board neatly after use, etc., which enhances scratch resistance for the board. Despite being more expensive compared to other types due to high-quality wood and skillful production processes, considering a quality product is certainly not wasteful.

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