SSR VINA was established in 2009, based on the development of multinational production in the field of import and export. We gradually specialize in manufacturing and supplying high-quality wood board products to meet the best requirements for customers. Currently, we are International Wood Products Supplier in Vietnam. 

ssr-international wood products supplier top in vietnam

1. A guide to development

SSR has set a development goal with a trusted and sustainable cooperation. SSR set quality standards and build a QC team to ensure that it meets the requirements of its partners.

internationnal wood products supplier

Professionalism and enthusiasm of the sales team give customers a consulting process in specific, in line with the needs, which are exactly the company’s ability. The criteria of dedication, speed, and punctuality are always on the top. SSR Provides products made from wood board to meet consumer tastes in different markets for both domestic and overseas markets. 

2. Wood products supply 

Rubberwood and Acacia finger joint wood are still main products that are maintained and expanded to meet the global market in the coming time. Thanks to the advantages of wood harvested from various raw materials planted forests in Vietnam, they have suitable features for use in furniture and construction. At the same time, they can be made into the boards in the right size and be eco-friendly.

ssr international wood products supplier top in vietnam


With the ability to qualified wood products supply, we are constantly expanding the range of furniture for kitchen, living room, outdoor, .. and other products such as charcoal, biomass to meet the needs of the global market. Some our product lines have met FSC® (FSC- C134124) standards and certificates of origin of wood.

3. The potential of meeting the demand for wood and wood products in the future

Although the market is under the influence of great fluctuations, we are always proactive in the source of raw materials supply. Therefore, the capacity is still able to meet the needs of the customer and market. However, the partners need to have a planned order in advance for our preparation as well as possible.

ssr international wood products

With the development of machinery and factory equipments, the process of wood board treatment is more optimized. In particular, cutting, drying, sanding, and surface finishing are all based on quality standards so customer needs are met.

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