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Country Agents Address Contact
United Kingdom SSR United Kingdom London
Germany SSR Germany Hamburg
France SSR France Paris
Italy SSR Italy Milan
Portugal SSR Portugal Lisbon
Poland SSR Poland Warsaw
Czech SSR Czech Prague
Romania SSR Romania Bucharest
Hungary SSR Hungary Budapest
Greece SSR Greece Athens

North America

Country Agents Address Contact
Canada SSR Canada Toronto

Central and South America

Country Agents Address Contact
Mexico SSR Mexico Mexico City
Brazil SSR Brazil Sao Paulo
Colombia SSR Colombia Bogota
Peru SSR Peru Lima
Cuba SSR Cuba Habana
Venezuela SSR Poland Caracas
Chile SSR Chile Santiago
Argentina SSR Argentina Buenos Aires


Country Agents Address Contact
Russia SSR Russia Moscow
Ukraine SSR Ukraine Kiev
Kazakhstan SSR Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan
Uzbekistan SSR Uzbekistan Tashkent

Middle East

Country Agents Address Contact
Qatar SSR Qatar Doha
Oman SSR Oman Muscat
Saudi Arabia SSR Saudi Arabia Riyadh
Jordan SSR Jordan Amman
Kuwait SSR Kuwait Kuwait City
Iraq SSR Iraq Baghdad
Iran SSR Iran Tehran
Turkey  SSR Turkey Istanbul


Country Agents Address Contact
Egypt SSR Egypt Cairo
Algeria SSR Algeria Alger
Morocco SSR Morocco Casablanca
South Africa SSR South Africa Johannesburg
Kenya SSR Kenya Nairobi
Ethiopia SSR Ethiopia Addis Ababa
Ghana SSR Ghana Accra
Côte d’Ivoire SSR Côte d’Ivoire Abidjan
Angola SSR Angola Luanda
Mozambique SSR Mozambique Maputo
Nigeria SSR Nigeria Lagos


Country Agents Address Contact
Singapore SSR Singapore Singapore
Malaysia SSR Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
Thailand SSR Thailand Bangkok
Lao SSR Lao Vientiane
Cambodia SSR Cambodia Phnom Penh
Myanmar SSR Myanmar Yangon
Indonesia SSR Indonesia Jakarta
Philippines SSR Philippines Manila
Vietnam  SSR Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City


Country Agents Address Contact
Australia SSR Australia Sydney
New Zealand SSR New Zealand Auckland
Papua New Guinea SSR Papua New Guinea Port Moresby

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