1. Things to know about European oak wood

European Oak, the scientific name is Quercus robur of the family Fagaceae, belonging to the group of white oak.

Distribution: This wood species commonly grows in Europe, distributed in temperate and humid continental, sub-oceanic climates, especially, in countries like France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

Oak tree identification: The bark has deep fissures and ridges, causing the trunk seems to be scaly. Oak bark color ranges from greyish white to dark, almost black. Deep-lobed oak leaves with pointed or rounded tips.

Characteristics of Oak: The sapwood is white and light brown, the heartwood is light to medium brown. Heartwood and sapwood do not always distinguish clearly. Oak is a hardwood.

Morphology: Belongs to a large tree with a height of 25 to 40 meters, and can reach an altitude of 1600 meters. When growing alone, its branches often spread wide, the circumference of the trunk over 5m. Lifespan is 600-1000 years.

2. Characteristics of European Oak Wood Logs 

European Oak Wood has a smooth straight grain, strong core, and durable oak logs.

General introduction

Product Name: Oak Wood Round Logs

Diameter: 30-40-50-60 mm

Length: 4 – 11,5m

Grade: ABC

Origin: France

oak wood

European oak wood logs

Applications of oak logs

+ Outdoor Furniture

+ Floors

+ Tabletop

3. Classification and application of oak wood

Classification: The oak species are classified into two main types white oak and red oak.

+ White oak includes species such as Quercus alba, Quercus robur, Quercus macrocarpa, …

+ Red oak includes species such as Quercus rubra, Quercus velutina, Quercus kelloggii, …

oak wood log ssr vina

White Oak Logs

Uses of timber: Good quality wood is often used for interior decoration, sawn veneer, cabinet furniture, stairs, turning, sculpture, etc. The wood of normal quality is used for furniture, flooring, construction (frame, beams), columns and piles, and home construction (timber, half-timbered house)

Other uses of wood: Used as firewood, pulp, and bark provides solutes for the tanning industry.

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