“Distribution partner of wood and wood products” – the keyword can show 1001 different results, so is SSR VINA in the “mindset” of customers who are currently interested and in demand? Turning customers’ thoughts into trust and motivation is certainly the premise for the journey of the past fifteen years to affirm its position, in the future, SSR VINA will still maintain bringing sustainable value with product quality and the factor of protecting the natural ecosystem.


SSR VINA was established in 2009, not narrowing the vision in a specific country but based on the multinational development of import and export trade production, which prompted SSR to start exporting to the Korean market in 2009, then in the following years to maintain the exploitation of the domestic market and expand the international market. The guiding principles on building high-quality products, constantly developing products that meet international standards, affirming the reputation of the business, and always focusing on the process of research and investment with enthusiasm and seriousness. Realizing the potential in the domestic and foreign timber import and export markets, SSR has expanded its business market and adjusted its product strategy to meet the tastes of customers globally.

Products of SSR VINA

SSR uses familiar woods in the industry such as oak, melaleuca wood, peach wood, bamboo wood,… and environmentally friendly raw materials.

  • Building and furniture materials

The building materials and wooden furniture are all machined from high-quality wood, the design is sturdy, durable, and flexible.

  • DIY and decoration products

DIY and decorative products are beautifully designed and convenient, ensuring long-term applicability.

  • Furniture

Luxurious but still extremely close furniture products, the necessary conditions to create a relaxed and stylish living space.

  • Biomass

Biomass products are designed to be both sustainable and safe for nature, providing customers with guaranteed fuel solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective.

Core Values

Revolving around the vision and mission, core values are also shaped to bring customers the best quality products, taking customer needs as production criteria for international trade and import and export activities.

Entering half of decades two, SSR VINA continues its vision of reaching out globally, increasingly “a steady hand on the wheel, a firm grip on the oars, overcome big waves” to become a strong enterprise, are trusted by a large number of customers and accompany in projects full of heart – strength.

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