At the annual international B2B online export conference, SSR VINA was honored to be listed among the top 100 typical businesses. The event was organized by the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency (Ministry of Industry and Trade) and e-commerce platform on March 6th in Hanoi, after a selection period from November 2023 to January 2024.

Currently, promoting the enhancement of information technology capacity, digital transformation in enterprises, and accessing export promotion opportunities on digital platforms are highly emphasized. Through the world’s leading e-commerce platform connecting with over 200 markets, businesses can reach international customers and promote the trade of products in international markets.

To keep up with this trend, SSR VINA and other enterprises are actively adjusting to meet the demands and boost the development of business capabilities on digital platforms such as the global e-commerce platform Alibaba.

Recently, Alibaba has introduced an exclusive pavilion specifically for Vietnamese businesses. With support and advice from the Alibaba platform, SSR VINA has taken the first steps to become a member of the “Vietnam Pavilion”. 

On the journey of striving to establish a strong position for the pavilion and facilitate international customers in easily searching for products and accessing us more quickly, being included in the list of top 100 typical businesses announced is also a positive outcome of the effort to become a prestige seller on the international e-commerce platform Alibaba.

The Top 100 are selected based on 14 stringent evaluation criteria, including product quality, brand credibility, e-commerce proficiency, export potential, business scale, geographical distribution, and many other factors.

SSR VINA consistently maintains perfect product quality in the production process to meet these standards. Our products always have FSC® (C-134124)  certification, ensuring clear traceability of the origin. A verified supplier on Alibaba’s platform ensures credibility and builds customer trust. We apply digital transformation, and streamline operations to boost business efficiency, etc. 

Through these efforts, when SSR VINA was recognized as one of the “Top 100 typical enterprises,” it was not only a source of pride but also a recognition of nearly 15 years of development efforts. This is not only an opportunity for SSRVINA to develop even stronger but also a representative for Vietnamese enterprises aiming to expand globally.

 We invite you to visit SSR VINA’s pavilion on Alibaba and explore our other communication channels.

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