Senna Siamea Edge Glued Countertop​

Senna siamea edge glued countertop is a perfect choice for kitchen spaces. Senna siamea countertops bring a warm and attractive aesthetic to kitchen spaces. Senna siamea countertops are versatile and can complement various design styles, from traditional to contemporary. We provide standard products and various customization to meet our customers’ requirements. The product is a stunning choice for both residential and commercial applications.

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Weights & Dimensions

Senna siamea wood is known for its distinctive dark color, ranging from deep brown to nearly black, and its prominent, straight grain. The dark color and unique grain pattern of wenge can create a visually striking and modern aesthetic in interior design.

Wenge wood is highly valued for its unique and elegant appearance. Wenge countertops are often chosen for a luxurious look and can add a touch of sophistication to kitchen or bathroom spaces.

Senna siamea wood edge-glued countertops utilize edge-glued construction and create a continuous surface with a distinctive pattern that showcases the natural grain and characteristics of the wood. Natural wood grain provides a visually appealing and cohesive appearance across the countertop.

Senna siamea edge glued countertop is joined by plantation lumber being termite-treated and kiln-dried. The logs are cut into wood staves with sizes based on each order. Wood staves are jointed parallel into a complete wood board depending on international quality standards.

We offer edge glued countertops that are according to international standards and meet the demand of residential and commercial projects. Our quality control process ensures that the products satisfy customer’s needs

Weights & Dimensions

Thickness (mm)
Lenght (mm)
Width (mm)
  • Moisture: < 12 %
  • Wood Stave (length): 150-400 mm
  • Wood Stave (width): 20-80 mm
  • Length & Width tolerance: 0/+3 mm
  • Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm
  • Glue: D4
  • Quality: AA, AB, AC, BC CC or customized

• Surface finish: Sanding 180-240 grit, 2 faces Protection Status