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Pine Wood Butcher Block countertop

Pine wood butcher block countertops are favored by those who find eco-friendly materials with gentle colors and natural beauty. We provide customization capabilities for the customer’s requirements. The Pine butcher block countertop is suitable for interior spaces and styles, adding to the warmth and elegance of the kitchen.

Weights & Dimensions

Countertops made from Pine are an ideal choice for kitchen spaces. Pine, a softwood commonly used in various woodworking applications, including furniture and countertops, is valued for its light color, straight grain, and affordability.

Pinewood typically has a pale yellow or light brown color and may contain knots, giving it a distinctive appearance. Pine countertops are a choice of natural beauty and rustic look. It fits a range of interior styles, from traditional to farmhouse.

Despite being a softwood, Pine is still a durable material for countertops. It can be cost-effective for those who find a natural and warm aesthetic. Various finished coatings can enhance their appearance and protect the wood.

Pine butcher block countertops utilize finger joint construction, creating distinctive feature surfaces and ensuring stability while minimizing warping. They bring a clean and modern appearance while retaining the natural beauty of the wood. To keep the product in good condition, applying a finishing coating helps enhance its durability and maintain the countertop.

Finger joint board applied Pine butcher block countertop made by combining many acacia wooden slats dried by finger joint or butt joint method into usable lengths strips. These strips are then jointed and pressed together with special glues by hydraulic press machines to become the finger joint board.

We offer butcher block countertops that are according to international standards and meet the demand of residential and commercial projects. Our quality control process ensures that the products satisfy customer’s needs.

Weights & Dimensions

Length (millimeter)
1270/ 1830/ 1880 / 2200/ 2489/ 2500/ 3100
Width (millimeter)
600/ 635/ 650
Thickness (millimeter)
18/ 26/ 32/ 38
Length (inch)
50/ 72/ 74/ 86.6/ 98/ 98.4/ 122
Width (inch)
24/ 25/ 25.5
Thickness (inch)
0.70/ 1.02/ 1.25/ 1.49
  • Moisture: < 12%
  • Wood Stave (length): 150-400 mm
  • Wood Stave (width): 20-80 mm
  • Length & Width tolerance: 0/+3 mm
  • Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm
  • Glue: D4
  • Quality: AA, AB, AC, BC CC, or customized
  • Surface finish: Sanding 180-240 grit, 2 faces. Protection Status