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oak finger joint board
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OAK Finger Joint Board

Finger-jointed oak panels offer an optimal balance between functionality and aesthetics for your projects. After drying, moisture control, and quality assurance, these oak panels provide various applications for interior and construction projects. You can discover high-quality and environmentally friendly finger-jointed oak wood products at SSR VINA.

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Weights & Dimensions

Oak Finger Joint Wood Boards are products jointed by plantation timber that has been kiln-dried and termites-treated. On modern and advanced technology production lines, short wooden staves of the same quality are jointed together lengthwise and then assembled in parallel to create a complete wood board meeting the requirements for hardness, sustainability, and international quality standards.

Finger joint wood board is a sustainable and efficient solution long-lasting wood products. Its various applications can be used in furniture, flooring, moldings and trim, door frames, window frames, paneling, wall coverings, DIY projects, etc.

The advantages of finger-jointed wood boards make them your optimal choice:

Finger-jointed wood panels are suitable for processing furniture and architectural components requiring hardness, stability, and good load-bearing capacity.

The customization capability according to the required length that meets production needs for furniture and decorative products requires a seamless and aesthetically pleasing look to spaces.

Finger-jointed wood panels are sustainable, environmentally friendly, durable, and cost-effective.

These panels retain the natural grain patterns, and the origin of raw materials are cultivated forests, making them eco-friendly for wood furniture production.

In summary, finger-jointed wood panels are suitable for furniture production due to their strong load-bearing, environmental friendliness, and the option to coat with various finishing oils to enhance the aesthetic appeal and provide better wood protection.

Weights & Dimensions


Lenght (mm)
Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)


Lenght (mm)
Width (mm)
Thickness (mm)
  • Species: Oak
  • Moisture: > 12 %
  • Wood Stave (length): 150-400 mm
  • Wood Stave (width): 35-80 mm
  • Length & Width tolerance: 0/+3 mm
  • Thickness tolerance: +/- 0.2 mm
  • Glue: D4
  • Quality: AB, AC, BC or customized
  • Surface Finish: sanding 240-320 grit, 2 faces
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