Surely everyone knows about the Christmas tree and its significance on Christmas Day, while pine wood is one of the widely used materials in the wood processing industry. Let’s delve deeper into pine wood to gain more detailed information about this type of material.

Learn about pine wood

  • Origin

The pine tree belongs to the Pinaceae family, originating from the Northern Hemisphere, are replicated and cultivated in many parts of the world. In Vietnam, this species is predominantly grown in the Central Highlands and northern provinces, particularly in highland areas such as Da Lat, Moc Chau, and Ha Giang.

  • Characteristics

The wood pine tree has a round, large trunk, growing vertically in clusters, thin foliage with small branches. Under conditions of full light and space, the plant can produce a wider canopy. The height of pine trees varies depending on the species, ranging from 30 to 80 meters, but most are from 15 to 45 meters. The bark of pine trees is usually scaly, and branches grow regularly in a spiral pattern.

Pine wood is classified in group IV in a group of natural wood types. It is considered to be a wood with a long lifespan, about 100 years to 1000 years if it lives in a good environment, but because the level of logging is increasing, the average life is only about 30 years. The wood grain is straight, possessing the characteristics of super durable, lightweight, and very hard. The eye-catching color is easy to screw, easy to shape, and less deformed when drying. Extremely low elasticity thanks to the pine patina. However, wood is susceptible to scratches and dents due to its soft core.

  • Classification

With a fairly reasonable price match quality through each year month, pine wood is commonly used in interior design and installation today.

White pine wood has a light red core, light white sapwood, a characteristic red heart, and not many grains but is clear and soft, impressing many wood furniture connoisseurs. Contains natural antibacterial properties and is extremely resistant to moisture and strength. The most basic distinction from other types of wood is that white pine has many knots, each knot brings a unique beauty.

Yellow pine wood has a glossy yellow color, even grain, and beautiful patterns, standing out against the white background of the wood core with impressive lines. Extremely high heat resistance and force resistance. The scent emitted from the wood is distinct and pleasant, especially at night when the space is quiet and fresh. However, because the wood’s anti-termite properties are not high, it needs PU paint before finishing. This coating not only protects the wood but also enhances the aesthetic and durability of the finished product, keeping the wood surface shiny and easy to clean.

Red pine wood is favored for its attractive color and gentle fragrance. Its excellent resistance to insects and deformation is due to its thick resin layer inside, while also resisting moisture and maintaining durability over time. Although it contains fewer essential oils compared to other precious woods, red pine resin still carries a characteristic and pleasant fragrance, offering a comfortable and relaxing experience. Natural red core, dark grain, or no grain.

Additionally, there is a pine finger joint board, a product made from several pieces of treated natural pine wood that have been treated to prevent mold and termites. The pine finger joint board is made from solid pine wood. The manufacturing process involves machining the edges of each wood piece, then joining them together through different surfaces (usually joint mortise) and bonding them with specialized glue. Although classified as industrial wood, pine finger joint board combines small pieces of natural pine wood.

Pinewood in reality

  • Imported pine wood

Various types of pine wood from Laos, China, and some other countries are favored in the design of constructions such as apartments, villas, luxury homes, townhouses, shopping centers, art exhibition rooms, showrooms, fashion stores, footwear, sales shelves, eatery, cafes, tea houses, hotels, spas, offices,…

  • Pine finger joint board

Be born all kinds of tables and chairs, cabinets, beds, wooden floors for living rooms and kitchens, wall decorations, creating luxurious natural pine wood ceiling systems, making room dividers, wine cabinets, mixing counters, counters cashier,…

Applicable for outdoor projects and advertising signs thanks to its water resistance. It is also the perfect material for creating unique and impressive decorative accessories.

Pine wood or any type of wood before leaving the factory goes through a strict process. To hand users, careful preservation is indispensable. Cherishing an item is the same way we cherish a beautiful life.

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