Things should have known about Rubberwood

Rubberwood is gradually becoming one of the main sources of lumber in the Vietnam market and accounts for over 20% of the total wood industry’s export turnover. Vietnam ranked third globally in natural rubberwood export, with over 80% of rubberwood production is exported. Therefore, this is considered as a strong industry of Vietnam. Rubber is […]

What is FSC®Certified?

What does it mean when a product, like decking or outdoor patio furniture, is referred to or labeled as FSC® (FSC- C134124) Certified? The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®), is a non-profit organization that sets certain high standards to make sure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. If a product, […]

Acacia general information and application

1. Acacia general information Genus Acacia has around 160 species and is a natural kind in Australia. However, today we can see them from all over the world such as America, Africa, and Vietnam. In Vietnam, Acacia is mainly grown in the Northern and Central Vietnam. Acacia heartwood range in color from light yellow to […]

Acacia informations générales et application

1. Informations générales sur Acacia Le genre Acacia compte environ 160 espèces et constitue un type naturel en Australie. Cependant, nous pouvons les voir aujourd’hui de partout dans le monde, comme l’Amérique, l’Afrique et le Vietnam. Au Vietnam, l’acacia est principalement cultivé dans le nord et le centre du pays. Le bois de cœur d’Acacia […]

Rubberwood/ Hevea general information and application

1. Rubberwood/ Hevea general information The rubber tree is also known as Pará rubber tree, scientifically named Hevea brasiliensis, is native to the Amazon region and grows around the world. However, rubber trees are mostly grown in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, rubber trees are planted into industrial forests with an area of hundreds of thousands […]

Eucalyptus general information and application

1. Eucalyptus general information Eucalyptus is known as one of the tallest plant species on earth with more than 700 different species. Trees are native to Australia, and their habitats are mainly in tropical and subtropical regions of the region. However, today we can come across eucalyptus all over the world, the Americas, Europe, Africa, […]

Eucalyptus informations générales et application

1. Informations générales sur l’eucalyptus L’eucalyptus est l’une des espèces de plantes les plus hautes du monde, avec plus de 700 espèces différentes. Les arbres sont originaires d’Australie et leurs habitats se trouvent principalement dans les régions tropicales et subtropicales de la région. Cependant, nous pouvons aujourd’hui rencontrer des eucalyptus partout dans le monde, dans […]

Supply of European Oak Wood Logs

1. Things to know about European oak wood European Oak, the scientific name is Quercus robur of the family Fagaceae, belonging to the group of white oak. Distribution: This wood species commonly grows in Europe, distributed in temperate and humid continental, sub-oceanic climates, especially, in countries like France, Switzerland, and Belgium. Oak tree identification: The […]

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