The legend of the Buddha sitting in meditation under the fig tree, after 49 days enlightened to the teachings of Buddhism and “reach the peak of the Way”. This sacredness is associated with the tree scientifically named Ficus religiosa. In contrast, styrax wood, another common type of wood in daily life, does not carry the same spiritual significance.

Learn about styrax wood

  • Origin

Styrax, also known as white ant wings, has the scientific name Styrax tonkinensis Pierre, a flowering plant in the Styrax family. They are distributed in sparse forests on mountainsides, along mixed forests in relatively disturbed locations with an altitude of 30 – 2,400 meters, and primary and secondary forests. Present in countries such as China, Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. In Vietnam, many mountainous areas in the Northwest, North Vietnam down to the west of Thanh Hoa occupy a relatively large area. They are also sporadic to the Nghe An – Laos border, which has existed for a long time.

  • Characteristics

This is a medium timber tree, 18-20 m high, and can be over 20 m. The stem is 20-25 cm in diameter, white, relatively round, with thin bark. The canopy is thin and sparse. Pile roots develop weakly, on the contrary, the bladder root system grows strongly and is concentrated over 80% in the topsoil layer of 0-20 cm, so the fertility of the topsoil layer is very important for the development of styrax. This tree grows quickly, with a short exploitation cycle of 10-12 years.

Styrax wood belongs to group VIII, is soft and light, has smooth even grain, is easy to cut, easily dyed, and can retain paint quite well. However, crispy wood, susceptible to termite attack if not treated carefully, has poor bearing capacity and can warp during use.

Judge trends in using styrax wood in life

  • Opens up the meaning of styrax wood

Styrax wood is used in plywood, matchstick wood, pulp, and as a raw material for making artificial fibers. Especially suitable for making handicrafts including wooden statues, wooden rings, wooden curtains, wooden sculptures, etc., varnish processing, and some types of water paint to cover wooden surfaces, etc. Some areas still grow forestry Styrax to cover bare hills and collect firewood. The composition of the plant has high antiseptic properties, capable of treating ulcers, reducing pain, or some diseases related to the respiratory tract. In addition, the tree sap contains the drug styrax – a famous medicine used for sedation and can extract essential oils and make perfume.

  • Judge trends in using styrax wood in life

Today, people see products made from Styrax wood as a protective treasure, bringing fortune and peace to the homeowner, and even having the effect of exorcising evil spirits. The meaning of Styrax wood cannot be disputed, but we absolutely should not deify this type of wood because Styrax wood in industry is just a normal type of wood, has no spiritual value but does contain feng shui elements with extremely effective mental factors. Not only that, this “golden” resource also helps change the economy in a more positive direction.

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