Rubber trees are known to hold significant economic importance due to latex being a primary source of natural rubber production. In the furniture manufacturing sector, rubber wood is very popular and has quite common applications.

Understanding Rubber Wood

  • Origin

Rubber wood, a type of hardwood, originates from South America, mainly Brazil, Peru, and several other countries. It is subsequently cultivated and grown in various regions worldwide. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) statistics, Vietnam ranks third in the list of countries with the largest area of rubber tree cultivation globally, primarily in the central and Central Highlands provinces, especially Binh Phuoc, Dak Lak, Gia Lai, and Dak Nong.

  • Characteristics

Rubber trees can reach a height of 20-30 m, and trunk diameter up to nearly 1 m. Rubber wood is appreciated for having thick wood grain, little shrinkage, attractive colors, and can accept different types of finishes. It is classified as environmentally friendly wood because it is only harvested after the rubber tree has finished its harvesting cycle. Rubber wood has beautiful colors, diverse wood grains, and high durability, especially for natural rubber wood. Has termite repellent properties, resistant to temperature deformation and shrinkage, does not absorb water, and is waterproof in a variety of conditions. However, attention should be paid to the preservation and use of rubber wood to avoid termites or warping due to environmental influences.

Harnessing the Potential of Rubber Wood

Most rubber wood products are currently exported to foreign markets. Vietnam is also one of the leading rubber-wood-producing countries globally. The main products include sawn timber, plywood, and furniture items exported to many countries worldwide. Additionally, there are products such as wood billets, and impregnated rubber wood chips. Due to its lightweight nature, ease of transport, clear origin, and non-toxicity, rubber wood is highly sought after. The two main types of rubber wood harvested and used are natural rubber wood and engineered rubber wood.

Some popular furniture products are made from rubber wood:

  • Tables, chairs

Rubber wood is used to produce many types of tables and chairs such as tables, dining chairs; living room tables and chairs; bedroom tables, chairs;… with good durability and bearing capacity.

  • Bed, wardrobe

Rubber wood is also used to produce beds and cabinets such as beds, wardrobes, and kitchen cabinets,… with good termite resistance, suitable for less humid indoor environments.

  • Wall cladding, ceiling cladding

 Rubber wood is used for wall cladding, and ceiling cladding, bringing a luxurious, modern, and extremely cozy beauty, creating harmony with the overall house.

  • Doors, partitions, floors

Rubber wood is used to process other products such as partitions, doors, floors,… with easy machining ability, suitable for many needs.

Rubber wood is the wood of the new era, suitable for the economy of every family. Using furniture made from rubber wood will contribute to upgrading the living space and creating positive energy for a fresher life every day.

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