SSR VINA upholds the value of sustainability in the formation of wood products and environmental protection

The risks of “climate change” and “greenhouse effect” have become imprinted phrases every time environmental issues are mentioned. So where do these hidden come from? Most of them come from the impact of industries, of which the wood industry is also a factor contributing to that wind. SSR VINA is not an outsider in upholding […]

Natural wood and engineered wood, which is the optimal choice?

Natural wood and engineered wood (or wood-based panels) are being widely implemented in many industries and interior design. Especially in the context of technological advancement and the need to protect the environment, artificial materials, and natural wood replacement technologies are becoming more and more popular, and engineered wood has become one of the options for […]

Explore the role of monkey pod wood in life

In recent times, the awareness of the potential of monkeypod wood has increased significantly, leading to people starting to invest in planting monkeypod wood forests to increase the harvest output, thereby making the value of this wood also multiply. Learn about monkeypod wood Origin The monkeypod tree, also known in some places as Saman, has […]

Judge trends in using styrax wood in life

The legend of the Buddha sitting in meditation under the fig tree, after 49 days enlightened to the teachings of Buddhism and “reach the peak of the Way”. This sacredness is associated with the tree scientifically named Ficus religiosa. In contrast, styrax wood, another common type of wood in daily life, does not carry the […]

Pinewood and information need to be known

Surely everyone knows about the Christmas tree and its significance on Christmas Day, while pine wood is one of the widely used materials in the wood processing industry. Let’s delve deeper into pine wood to gain more detailed information about this type of material. Learn about pine wood Origin The pine tree belongs to the […]

Rubber wood and pine wood – Separate characteristic values

A type of wood belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family – the scientific name is Hevea brasiliensis, originating from South America, according to data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), Vietnam occupies the third position in the list of countries with the largest planting area in the world (mainly in the […]

Suggest the advantages and disadvantages of sapele wood

In former times, the sapele tree was applied in the Tam Cam story with the incarnation of the image of Ms. Tam, spreading its canopy to shade the king, and then making a loom to weave cloth. Today, sapele wood continues to be inherited in the furniture industry. Learn about sapele wood Origin Sapele has […]

SSR VINA – Fifteen years of vision reach out to global

“Distribution partner of wood and wood products” – the keyword can show 1001 different results, so is SSR VINA in the “mindset” of customers who are currently interested and in demand? Turning customers’ thoughts into trust and motivation is certainly the premise for the journey of the past fifteen years to affirm its position, in […]

Discover outdoor furniture’s versatility: Endless options for relaxation and entertaining

Outdoor furniture leads the way for the trends of the new era. Tea parties, outdoor BBQ parties, outdoor cafes, and wedding parties are almost displayed in the hot keyword group more than ever. An open space to blend in with nature brings a source of fresh energy, and that harmony includes harsh weather conditions such […]

Unlocking the Uses of Teak Wood Cutting Board

Tropical hardwood is highly appreciated for its beauty and durability, often used in furniture or building luxury boats, in recent years it has become popular in the kitchen with the name of teak wood cutting board, thanks to its special uses. Origin Teak scientifically named Tectona grandis, is a large hardwood tree in the Tectona […]

Natural wood decking tiles – Versatile products from SSR VINA

With its convenient feature, it can be placed anywhere, whether the area is large or narrow, ensuring so that every corner of the space has the right friction, clear and Extremely well-groomed. The most advantageous is still natural wood decking tiles grating instead of composite plastic wood decking tiles. As both a partner in the […]

Furniture Production: Harnessing the Potential of Rubber Wood

Rubber trees are known to hold significant economic importance due to latex being a primary source of natural rubber production. In the furniture manufacturing sector, rubber wood is very popular and has quite common applications. Understanding Rubber Wood Origin Rubber wood, a type of hardwood, originates from South America, mainly Brazil, Peru, and several other countries. It is subsequently […]


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