The plant is fiercely enduring, adapted to a variety of soils, including alluvial and sandy soils, and takes root in even acidic, blighted alkaline soils; Its wood is also a precious wood belonging to group IV in the classification of wood groups in Vietnam, bringing high economic value. There is no other tree, it is the acacia tree and the application of acacia wood in daily life.

Learn about acacia wood

  • Origin

The scientific name Acacia auriculiformis is a tree species of the Acacia genus, naturally distributed in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Currently widely cultivated in many countries in the tropics and Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand,… Imported to Vietnam in the 1960s-1970s, acacia trees are mainly distributed in the North and North Central regions.

  • Characteristics

This is a medium to fairly large tree form, reaching heights of 18 to 20 meters and possibly up to 30 meters. The average diameter ranges from 20 to 40 centimeters, while for wood used in interior design, the diameter can be from 40 to 60 centimeters. The tree trunk has many branches and twigs with curved, short segments, low branching, and a wide canopy.

Acacia wood is classified as durable wood with the ability to resist termites and insects effectively. The acacia essential oil retained in the wood prolongs its aging process in natural conditions such as rain, sunlight, etc. The color of acacia wood is warm and luxurious. Acacia wood has a subtle fragrance of essential oil, creating a comfortable and pleasant experience during use.


Applications of acacia wood in daily life

Acacia trees are thoroughly used from parts (flowers, leaves, peel) to serve many different purposes in life. Acacia wood is no exception when it is one of the highly applicable woods.

  • Paper industry

For industry, especially the paper industry, it usually accounts for about 80% of the annual wood consumption. Small acacia trees are often ground into pulp to make paper.

  • Construction industry

In the construction industry, acacia wood is used to make reinforcement, plywood, veneer, and other building materials.

  • Furniture industry

Familiar furniture made from acacia wood such as tables (working table, long wooden table café, meeting table,…), chairs (sofa, bench, dining chair,…), cabinets (wardrobe, shoe cabinet, TV cabinet, altar cabinet …), bed,…

In particular, acacia wood is very suitable for making decks thanks to the extracts from core wood that are effective against fungi that damage wood.

With the advantages of abundant wood resources, enough to meet large quantities to make wood materials for mass production, the cost of input materials for production is quite low, suitable for producing cheap products. High durability, meeting the financial capabilities of many customers.

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