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DIY Decoration Products

The wooden kitchen countertop items are available in a variety of styles and customized to the needs of the customer. using goods made from wood from plantation forests and following strict quality standards.


acacia wood countertop

Butcher Block Kitchen Countertop

Made from premium finger-jointed wood panels that are customized in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. The hardwood kitchen countertop gives the room a beautiful appearance.

Live Edge Kitchen

Made from live edge wood panels that are naturally beautiful and keep their original characteristics. Its unique edge line comes with a rustic, natural, and distinctive attractiveness.

Edge Glued Kitchen Countertop

Made using long edge-glued (solid) wood panels, keeping as much of the original wood grain as possible while offering great aesthetic value to the kitchen space.

chervon herringbone wood countertop

Chevron Kitchen

The kitchen countertop gives the room a unique and enticing appearance by using solid wood panels with chevron patterns.


The products meet international quality standards

Solid wood

Solid wood board is a more economical alternative that still retains the attractive and unique beauty of natural wood


Wood boards have relatively good load-bearing capacity, are sturdy, and withstand daily wear and tear


Butcher Block Countertops

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acacia wood countertop

Acacia wood Countertop

rubber wood countertop

Rubber wood Countertop

Teak wood Countertop

bamboo wood countertop

Pressed Bamboo wood countertop

Live Edge Wood Countertops

live edge acacia wood countertop

Live Edge Acacia Countertop

live edge raintree full sheet countertop

Live Edge Raintree Full Sheet Countertop

live edge raintree jointed countertop

Live Edge Raintree Jointed Countertop

Live Edge Rubberwood Countertop

live edge wenge wood countertop

Live Edge Wenge Countertop

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Edge Glued Kitchen Countertop

oak soild wood board

Oak edge glued kitchen Countertop

wenge solid wood countertop

Wenge edge glued kitchen Countertop

Eucalyptus edge glued kitchen Countertop

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Chevron Kitchen Countertop​

acacia chervon butcher block countertop

Acacia chevron Countertop

raintree herringbone wood countertop

Rain Tree Chevron Countertop

rubber chervon countertop

Rubber Chevron Countertop

High-quality wood board at competitive prices

Customizing product attributes according to requirements

A trustworthy and long-term international partner for wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and importers

About us

SSR VINA is a wood supplier (B2B). Top Vietnam of wood board products at high quality. Such as finger joint wood board, live edge wood slab, edge glued wood board, chevron wood board, etc.


Our factory is capable of supplying a variety of wood products such as finger joint wood boards, plywood, wooden furniture, biomass, etc.

Employees per factory
Containers per month
1000-10000 square meters area per factory
A supplier of more than countries

Q&A Wood board

The products of SSR VINA are strictly quality controlled according to customer requirements before packaging and delivery.

The products of SSR VINA are strictly quality controlled according to customer requirements before packaging and delivery.

We supply international wooden products with a minimum order of 1 container 20ft.

We always aim to provide dedicated and prompt customer support. However, to obtain a specific quotation, we will require some detailed information about your requirements, such as quantity, dimensions, product type, quality grade, etc. Protection Status