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Corporate message
Corporate message


Governments around the world are tightening management of exploitation and export of natural hardwood to protect the environment. Therefore, we identify that the demand of products from legal plantations growing timber in the domestic as well as international wood market is imcreasing more and more.

To prepare to meet the global market demand, SSR will attach special importance to the segment of timber resources in 2016, 2017, and 2018. We continue to expand the supply of timber production, finger joint wood and wood furniture for export and domestic consumption.

We are producing and cooperating with many production enterprises in Vietnam for the production of rubber wood, acacia wood, pine wood, oak wood for finger joint panel and wood furniture to supply SSR's global trade systemAt the same time, we are also cooperating with some wood sawing factories to import wood materials from Europe and the Americas such as oak, pine, and teak, and Africa as ironwood, narra padauk, pyinkado and etc. to Vietnam market.

Expected export turnover of the SSR will reach US $200 million/year with plan of 3 years 2016, 2017 and 2018.

SSR owns wood product design, quality control, input raw material, manufacturing product, packaging, marketing, establishment of cargo delivery chain.

Production: SSR is expected to own the best manufacturers in the chain of goods supply consumed in Vietnam and other countries in the chain.

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