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SSR History
SSR History


SSR was founded in 2009, based on the multinational development of production of  import and export trade, distribution, commercial brokerage services, market research, etc.. At the beginning time in operation, SSR only exported agricultural and forestry waste products such as sawdust block, sawdust pellets, and  sawn oil timber for the Korean market.

Realizing the potential in export-import markets of domestic and foreign wood, SSR has expanded the business market and diversed its products to meet customer needs worldwide. Currently, SSR has been building a network of distributor in 12 countries worldwide and is constantly expanding.

Product: SSR owns design of products, marketing, input raw material, product quality control, packaging, and construction of products distribution chain.

Manufacturing: We are cooperating with many enterprises in Vietnam to manufacture laminated wood, interior and exterior wood, pulp and paper, chemicals, clean fuels, industrial goods, agricultural products, garment, etc. in order to provide SSR's commercial systems worldwide.

           Objective: In operating years, the company has achieved steady growth of 20-30%/ year and the goal for the next 10 years is that SSR will own the best manufacturers in the supplying chain of goods consumed in Vietnam and other countries in the chain and have distribution network in 165 countries around the world, with trade turnover of $10 billion.








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