1. Sapele general information

The tree is native to tropical Africa, the name Sapele comes from that of the city of Sapele in Nigeria. This is a deciduous tree and hardwood, not softwood as many people think. This species has appeared in Vietnam for a long time, mainly growing in the northern mountainous areas or highlands. They grow on flat terrain to places that are 600 meters above sea level. The species grows to a height of up to 45 meters (rarely 60 meters). Sapele matures after 10 – 12 years. If it is grown for industrial purposes, it can be exploited in the 6 – 8 years.


2. Sapele specification

Sapele wood grain patterns vary from wavy to straight. The heartwood is pale pink to dark reddish-brown. Sapele is susceptible to wood borer, termite, insect attack. Besides, Sapele wood reacts with iron, which can cause rust, discoloration. However, the wood is quite easy to use screws, so just a few extra handling steps, the oval wood is suitable for furniture production. However, it is easy to tighten screws. If Sapele wood is dry-kiln seasoning and chemical treatment process, it will be very durable and stable to use.



3. Sapele wood application

Since ancient times, Sapele wood has been used to make temple columns, house columns, beams. Nowadays, Sapele wood is widely used as a common material for the production of cabinets, wardrobe, TV shelves, beds. They are preferred by many customers because of the warm and smooth tones.



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