Building and Furniture Materials

SSR VINA is a supplier of wood products for the construction and furnishing markets. In addition, the products such as solid wood, engineered wood, bamboo, DIY products, and furniture for the garden, office, shop, hotel, and school, etc, we also offer wood-based biomass products. With a modern production line, a strict quality control team, and certifications such as FSC, CARB P2, F4 stars, etc.

Finger Joint Board

Acacia Finger Joint Board

Acacia Finger Joint Board

Hevea Finger Joint Board

Sapele Finger Joint Board

Eucalyptus Finger Joint Board

Oak Finger Joint Board

Ash Finger Joint Board

Pine Finger Joint Board

Bamboo Press Wood Board


Commercial Plywood

Construction Plywood

Packing Plywood

Container Flooring Plywood

Acacia Finger Joint Block

Rubber Finger Joint Block

Sapele Finger Joint Block

Wood Handrail

Wood Stair Tread

Wood Baluster

Primed Boards



Crown Moldings



Acacia Wood Flooring

Rubber Wood Flooring

Senna Siamea Wood Flooring

Decking Tile Flooring

About us

SSR VINA is a wood supplier (B2B). Top Vietnam of wood board products at high quality. Such as finger joint wood board, live edge wood slab, edge glued wood board, chevron wood board, etc.

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1000-2000 employees per factory

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Containers per month

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5-10 hectare area per factory 

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More than 50 countries around the world



SSR specializes in manufacturing wood products in large quantities, ensuring competitive prices for our customers. Our top production criteria are quality, flexibility, and innovation. In addition to the ability to customize according to order requirements, generate speedy delivery, and meet client preferences. We appreciate long-term, sustainable partnerships.

high quality product


SSR offers high-quality wood products that have undergone rigorous quality inspections, meeting the export standards for markets in the US, EU, Japan, Korea…

solid wood


Solid wood board is a more economical alternative that keeps the appealing and distinct beauty of natural wood.

FSC certificated

FSC Certificate

We only use wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or carries other relevant certifications, which validates it is from renewable sources


The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is just one 20ft container for each product, and you have the flexibility to mix different sizes within that container.

Depending on the products, the normal lead time for orders is 25 to 35 days after receiving L/C or T/T payment.

We are committed to responsible sourcing at SSR. The wood used in our products is supplied from sustainably managed plantation forests rather than old-growth forests. We only use wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or carries other relevant certifications, which validates it is from renewable sources.

To receive a quotation, we would need specific information such as any models, sizes, or variations, the quantity required, shipping information, etc. The more detailed the information provided, the more accurate and appropriate the quotation can be. Alternatively, you can also contact us directly for consultation via phone, email, or WhatsApp.

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