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Radiata pine panel


- Physical characteristics:

The timber is low in density and fairly soft, often with very wide annual growth rings. The heartwood is light brown to yellow, the sapwood white to pale yellow, but often indistinct. The grain is usually straight, but knots are common. When dry the wood is odorless and tasteless.

- Application characteristics:

In general, wood has a good compatibleness to the machine, but the wood often has resistance, so when cutting it can be rough on the surface. The wood glues well, and does not crack when nailing and screwing. Wood is easy to dry, with little change in shape but tends to bend when dry.

- Durability: No resistance to worms

- Main uses:

Furniture, parts of furniture, wood carvings and interior moldings, toys and kitchen utensils. In the United States, pinewood is used for blinds and shutters.

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