Wood panels made in Vietnam

Gỗ ván ghép

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Wood Panel

Wood panels are primarily produced from forestry trees such as rubber, acacia, pine, sapelle, oak, etc. After drying and steaming on advanced technology lines, and modern equipment, the wood is sawn, planned, milled, jointed with serrated line, pressed with glue, sanded and coating decoration. Wood panels or Laminated wood is treated with modified technology of timber before putting them into production in order to increase the stability, reliability, minimizing the deformation of the timber before the climatic conditions of Vietnam and of its importer. Wood panels or Laminated wood called frequently used in producing furniture, furnishing, flooring manufacturer and a variety of other products.
Currently our company is manufacturing and distributing of four major product lines:

-> Wood FJ block

-> MDF Board/ Plywood

-> Wood Finger Joint Board

-> Solid Wood Board

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