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About us
SSR owns wood product design, quality control, input raw material, manufacturing product, packaging, marketing, construction of cargo delivery chain. SSR is expected to own the best manufacturers in the chain of goods supply consumed in Vietnam and other countries in the chain.
SSR consists of CEO, Heads of Offices, Departments, Groups and Group of Products
SSR is always towards 4 values of business "Visionary, Speed, Diversity and Prestige" and that is the guideline for corporate to develop.
SSR was founded in 2009, based on the multinational development of production of import and export trade, distribution, commercial brokerage services, market research, etc.. At the beginning time in operation, SSR only exported agricultural and forestry waste products such as sawdust block, sawdust pellets, and sawn oil timber for the Korean market.
SSR VINA CO.,LTD 1ST FLOOR, QTSC Building 9, Quangtrung SoftWare city, Dis 12, Ho Chi Minh city License of business registration: 0309587601
Governments around the world are tightening management of exploitation and export of natural hardwood to protect the environment. Therefore, we identify that the demand of products from legal plantations growing timber in the domestic as well as international wood market is imcreasing more and more.
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