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Message du président

Dear customers and partners,

SSR would be grateful for your trust and cooperation during the past years and wish that SSR will continuously gain your support and cooperation in the future.

We are aware that the demand of products from legal plantations in the domestic as well as the international wood market is increasing more and more because Governments around the world are tightening management of exploitation and export of natural hardwood to protect the environment. Thus, we have to strictly control all the process from the beginning of input material to the final/completed products. The wood we exploited is authentically permitted by the local ranger and the industrial plantation’s owner.

Jointing the global market, we are expanding our production factories, our variety of products like: wood board, wood furniture for both external and internal consumption.

We are producing and cooperating with wood production enterprises in Vietnam for the finger joint wood board and wood furniture with species: rubberwood, acacia, pine, sapele, etc. At the same time, we are also cooperating with some sawnmills to import wood materials from Europe and the Americas such as oak, pine, and teak, and Africa as ironwood, narra padauk, pyinkado, etc. to diversify our wood products.

SSR owns a very strong completed management system from the raw material, production process, product design, quality control, packaging, delivery chain to sales and marketing, we increasingly expand and cooperate with many more factories to enrich our supply chain.

Once again, thank for your support and continuous trust!

Sincerely yours,
SSR Vietnam
Mr. Vu Van Hung

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