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european oak wood logs ssr vina

Supply of European Oak Wood Logs

1. Things to know about European oak wood European Oak, the scientific name is Quercus robur of the family Fagaceae, belonging to the group of white oak. Distribution: This wood species commonly grows in Europe, distributed in temperate and humid continental, sub-oceanic climates, especially, in countries like France, Switzerland, and Belgium. Oak tree identification: The […]

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noodle board

Advantages of Acacia Wood Noodle Board

1. Why is it called noodle board Traditionally, a noodle board is used to expand more space, and be favorable to making noodles. Nowadays noodle board is used to describe gas and electric stove covers. Noodle boards have been around since the 1800s, it is also used for food preparation and easily move in small […]

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pros and cons of radiata pine wood

The pros and cons of radiata pine wood in production

To use wood optimized SSR VINA brings some information on the pros and cons of radiata pine wood for production. 1. The pros and cons of radiata pine wood for production + Advantages: – Can be easily sawn, peeled and turned into pulp. – Capable of holding nails and screws well. – Because it is […]

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Radiata Pine Wood Board (1)

The application and classification of radiata pine wood board

1. What is the radiata pine wood board? How many types of pine are there? – Radiata pine: This type of pine is commonly used in the wood industry to exploit for furniture and construction. Radiata pine is suitable for many growing conditions, is easy to grow and produces more timber than many native pine […]

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The information of pine wood

The Information of Pine Wood

1.    Characteristic of pine wood   Scientific name of Pine wood Its English name is Pine, derived from the Latin Pinus. The scientific name of pine is Pinus. Pine refers to the shrubs of the genus Pinus, there are now more than 112 different species of pine and they are originally often called Pine. Pine […]

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International Wood Products Supplier Top in Vietnam

Top International Wood Products Supplier in Vietnam

SSR VINA was established in 2009, based on the development of multinational production in the field of import and export. We gradually specialize in manufacturing and supplying high-quality wood board products to meet the best requirements for customers. Currently, we are International Wood Products Supplier in Vietnam.  1. A guide to development SSR has set […]

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Quality finger jointed boards supplier

How To Choose Quality Finger Jointed Boards Which Meet Your Needs

How to recognize quality finger jointed boards in a market that has many suppliers and its quality. How to recognize quality wooden boards in a market in which the suppliers have much various qualities. Each supplier will provide their customer with different standards. Therefore, let’s take a look at a standard of our product qualities, […]

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Pros and cons of rubberwood finger joint board for kitchen

Rubberwood finger joint board is considered a type of product which is a matching material for kitchen countertops. In fact, they are less costly than other materials such as natural stone (granite), engineered stone (quartz), or other textures with a solid surface.  The above rubberwood panel would cost nearly (price), less expensive than a solid […]

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Acacia Herringbone Butcher Block Countertop Solution For A Cozy And Comfortable Kitchen. (3)

Herringbone Butcher Block Countertop – Solution For A Cozy And Comfortable Kitchen.

Based on the evaluations of homeowners who have used the herringbone countertop for tabletop, kitchen countertop, island countertop; the herringbone butcher block countertop almost brings a special feeling and is a top choice in interior spaces. In addition, it can also be used for the surfaces of dining storage furniture such as Buffet Cabinet Sideboard, […]

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Why Does SSR Vina Decide To Provide Acacia Wood Cutting Board?

Acacia wood cutting board are becoming increasingly popular and widely used, with outstanding specifications. What are they? Please read to the end of this article to get to know more about this product line in depth. 1. SSR Acacia Wood Cutting Board Design and Application * Prominent features of wooden cutting board Using a wooden cutting […]

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