Acacia decking tiles with interlock

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Acacia wood decking tiles
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Outdoor wood flooring or wood decking tiles create a luxurious exterior spaces and closeness to nature. With characteristic of good water resistance, using natural wood flooring is the new trend for exterior spaces and garden landscape replaced garden tiles, outdoor tiles.

Acacia wood plastic-base decking tiles include slats made of natural Acacia wood on the surface combining plastic underlay without screws. Wooden slats are slender and there are gaps between the slats so that rainwater can penetrate the surface and escape quickly, while plastic underlay is durable under all the weather. The plastic underlay has points to the ground so the water can escape easily without stagnation on the surface.
The small size of each decking tile is suitable for all large and small areas of the swimming pool, townhouse, balcony, etc.
Advantages: cheap, convenient to use and install. The product can be removed to clean the floor surface and reassemble quickly.

Name of product: Acacia wood Decking Tiles 12 slats/ 6 slats

+ Size: 19/21 x 300 x 300 mm

+ Installing area: 11 pieces/1m(square meter)

+ Price: Please contact

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