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Corporate philosophy
Corporate philosophy


The corporate philosophy is mainly that business operation is to achieve profit, but to ensure profit for customers, employees and society. SSR identifies three important factors which impact on the survival and development of the corporate as follows:

* Employee:

   + Language: English

   + Working environment: Fair, transparent, creative, globally competitive, irrespective of race, religion, nation and qualification

   + Employment:

     - Visionary

     - Honesty

     - Passion

     - Diversity

     - Perseverance of target

   + Benefit of employee:

     - Completing the dream of a happy family with the highest income

     - Completing the personal dream with the best working result

     - Completing the dream of corporate with the best development and co-operation

* Customer:

   + Behaved the best, kindest and with the most respect

   + Confident, honest and decisive when working with customer

   + Implementing the standard quality and delivery deadline

* Supplier: representative of prestige and product quality

   + Ensuring the fairness

   + Accurate quality and quantity of delivery

   + Secure payment

   + Constant and long-term co-operation

     - Approached the globally closed chain of  goods distribution for large trade

     - Approached the management of goods quality, the expanding orientation of factory investment and building, and calling for investment capital to expand the production

     - Supported to import the raw material for production and export

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