Gỗ ván ghép

Gỗ ghép, ván ghép xuất khẩu

Công ty xuất khẩu gỗ nguyên liệu

Hotline: (+84) 97 773 0929
About us
The corporate philosophy is mainly that business operation is to achieve profit, but to ensure profit for customers, employees and society. SSR identifies three important factors which impact on the survival and development of the corporate as follows: Employees, Customers and Suppliers.
SSR owns wood product design, quality control, input raw material, manufacturing product, packaging, marketing, construction of cargo delivery chain. SSR is expected to own the best manufacturers in the chain of goods supply consumed in Vietnam and other countries in the chain.
SSR specialises in supplying finger joint wood, rubber wood finger joint board, acacia wood finger joint board, exterior furniture, interior furniture, wooden flooring, MDF board and high quality wooden products in domestic and international market. We own product design, marketing, production, quality management and construction of goods distribution chain.
Consisting of subsidiaries all over the world and factories, workshops of suppliers.
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