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Bleached hardwood pulp
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Pulp is a form of fiber materials, made from plant materials, with the main purpose to produce paper.
is produced from wood with mechanical, chemical or semi-chemical processing method by steps of implementation: bleached and unbleached. Our company specializes in supplying Acacia bleached hardwood pulp with the following characteristics:

- Raw material: Acacia

- Bleaching process: ECF - Element Chlorine Free

- Bale unit size: 800L x 640W x 500H mm

- Bale unit weight: 250kgs

- Package size: 1280L x 800W x 2000H mm

- Package weight: 2000kgs


* Optical, chemical and morphological characteristics:

Properties Unit Method Value
Brightess                   % ISO               TCVN 1865-1:2011     89        
Moisture % TCVN 4407:2011 10
Viscosity ml/g(dm3/kg) TCVN 7072:2008 549
Ash % TCVN 1864:2001 0.11
Fiber length mm L&W fibre tester 0.65

* Physical - Mechanical Properties

Properties Unit Method Value
Drainability ºSR TCVN 8202-1:2009 41
Tensile index N.m2/g TCVN 1862-2:2009 60.2
Tear index mN.m2/g TCVN 3229:2007 5.46
Burst index kPa.m2/g TCVN 7631:2007 3.74
Length breaking km TCVN 1862-2:2011 6.13
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