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Dinning table
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Dining table is mainly the most important item in the dining room furniture and is considered the epicenter of family life. The dining table made from natural wood or high quality laminated wood will bring warm space for dining room. Nice and comfortable samples of dining table are indispensable in a modern dining space. Selecting our products, customers are not too concerned about the models, prices and quality as you can order table design with style and color according to your hobby and matching space of your house. In addition, we guarantee that we will supply high quality products with reasonable prices, and we will be sure to bring satisfaction to the customers.

+ Table G552: 45 x 52 x 106 cm

+ Rustic Table: 1800 x 1000 x 780 mm (Acacia FSC)

+ Silver Table: 2100 x 1050 x 760 mm (Acacia FSC)

+ Rectangular Table: 90/200 x 90 x 72.5 cm ( keruing)/ 150 x 86 x 75 cm (eucalyptus)

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